Truck Rental

Truck rental simply means a vehicle that weighs at least 26,000 pounds that is being leased out without the driver for personal transportation reasons. Rental trucks are the best option for those who are making a move within the same state. It will be expensive for one to rent a truck if they are going to travel long distances such as across state borders.

When looking for a truck to rent, one should take a number of factors into consideration to ensure the best services. First, the size of the truck that is required should be determined. Taking a truck that is too large, will cause one to incur unnecessary expense since one will still need to pay for this space whether they use it or not. Renting a truck that is too small, will force one to hire an additional trailer or rent another truck. Some moving companies have space calculators which are meant to help you determine the weight of your total belongings based on the number of bedrooms in your house or the number of rooms in your office.

Second, one needs to calculate the total costs that will be involved. This includes calculating the cost of insurance, toll, taxes, surcharges and gas. Some moving companies will factor in this cost as part of their charges while other companies will not. Therefore it is important to seek clarification from the company before renting out the truck. Seek to find out other equipment that will come together with the truck. For instance, does the truck come with a spare tire in case you get a puncture?

How long the truck has been in operation is important. Older trucks come with potential mechanical issues and could cause a multitude of problems on the way. However, it is important to note that most moving companies usually provide quality maintenance for their trucks and they should be able to provide their clients with quality clean trucks.

Some tips to keep in mind when one wants to rent a truck include carrying some extra money for food and accommodation if you will be on the road for long. It will take you longer to reach your destination if you are using a rented truck than if you were using your own personal car.

After weighing your pros and cons and finally settling on the company that you want to rent a truck from, ask for a written contract with the relevant details of your agreement. Some moving companies have the habit of leaving their customers stranded at the last minute; if they signed up too may customers than they were able to serve. Your agreement with the truck rental should show the date and time of the intended rental. Also, the location of the pick up of the truck and the location where the truck should be returned to after use. The type of truck to be rented should be clearly indicated. To get a moving company to rent a truck from, fill out a free online price quote and compare truck rental prices.

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