Self Service Moving

Self service moving services are available in most states throughout the US with many moving companies having networks in most states. Large moving companies have depots outside the United States and operate in such areas as the Caribbean. Some of the large moving companies can have as many as 40,000 trucks at their disposal.

Self service moving companies have two main options for their consumers. They can drop off a container and leave it for two to three days for the client to load up their belongings before coming back for it. The other option is to drive up a trail truck for the client to load their belongings directly on to the truck. This works best if the client does not have a lot of stuff or they have already packed and boxed all their belongings. The most popular option is to leave the container for a couple of days in order for the client to fill it up since most clients need quite a bit of time to pack up as they have a lot of stuff.

One major advantage of using self service moving is the fact that you can always be assured of getting a well maintained and clean truck to help you carry your belongings. This helps in preventing breakdowns on the journey to your new destination, which will result in delays or more expenses for you. In any case, if something happens to the truck, the moving company can always send another truck as alternative transportation.

In addition, unlike when you rent a truck to move your stuff, there are no hidden charges in self service moving. With rental trucks, you have to pay for petrol and when the truck breaks down, you have the problem of dealing with it. Again, driving an unfamiliar truck is a bit uncomfortable for some people. With self-service moving you do not need to go through all this trouble since you get a professional driver with the truck.

When choosing which self service moving company to pick, you can go through the list of directories that are available. There are many directories on the internet which have lists of moving companies. These directories make it much easier and faster for you to place free price quotes and compare prices in order to get the best offer from a reputable moving company since they have a variety of search tools which you can use to optimize your search.

The yellow pages is the other place that one can use when looking for a self service moving company. You can also use the dial 800 service to find the ideal moving company. Before you settle on a particular moving company, ask for a free price quote from the company. These quotes are not binding since they are based on an estimate of what the company thinks is the weight of your belongings. You will get a binding price quote when personnel from the moving company come personally to assess the right weight of all your belongings.

If you are planning to move house, do not hesitate to place a free price quote right know in order to effectively plan your moving budget.

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