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Safety Tips for When You Move

It is important to get safety tips when you move because moving is emotionally difficult and the body undergoes a lot of stress during the process, especially if you are doing most of the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. There is risk of minor injuries even with simple moving chores and there is risk of severe injuries with heavy lifting. Even when you enlist the services of moving companies, you need to follow safety tips for when you move.

One way to guaranteed safety in the moving process is when packing, you should make sure the boxes do not exceed 50 pounds or 25 kilograms. However, it is not always possible to weigh the boxes when moving. For this reason, you should pick the box and if it is possible to pick it without much strain to the back, then that is a good weight. When moving the stuff from the moving truck into the new home, it is important to squat down to lift the cartons or other stuff with the entire lower body and never to bend over to pick up the items.
You should rent proper equipment if the items to be moved are too heavy. This will save your back from strain and it will protect the items from damage that they may suffer when moved manually. The moving equipments include such things as cranes and they are readily available from moving companies and elsewhere. When using these equipments, it is important to strap them in safely to secure them.

One of the most important safety tips when you move is to inspect the new home and the surroundings for any dangerous areas. This should be done before the moving day and you should look for the best place to pack the truck, the easiest way into the new home, any uneven sidewalks or walkways etc. It is important to highlight the position of steps with chalk in the new home because people are always distracted in unfamiliar territories and they may fail to see the steps.

If the moving day is wet, one way to guaranteed safety in the moving process is to invest in a traction mat because walkways or entrances to the new home may become slippery when wet. If you do not have a traction mat, you can always rent one from the moving company or from mat rental outlets. These mats are also important when moving across grassy areas and they protect the movers and the items being moved.

An important safety tips when you move is to look for other hazard areas such as poles, utility wires, ground level protrusions, tree brunches and posts that might pose a problem for the movers. These should be marked with a clear mark if they cannot be removed completely.

On the moving day, you should wear proper clothing and footwear. The clothes should not be loose and they should be durable. The footwear should be supporting and it should have good grip.
There should be an emergency kit in case of injury. It is a wise decision to make sure that everybody is given a specific role.