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Packing Guide: Items You Need Not Pack

Packing guide: items not to pack are the dangerous and sensitive items that should not be packed while relocating since they can be harmful to the movers or spoil during the way. In order for successful moving, it is important to seek professional moving companies who are trained to handle some of the items that are dangerous or very sensitive in order to guarantee their safety. The following are some of the items not to pack unless through the use of a professional moving company.

While moving, you should not pack flammable, corrosive or explosive items since they can be harmful to the health of the movers as well as other road users. Explosive items not to pack include gasoline, motor oil, and loaded weapon, cleaning fluid and fireworks since they can explode with on transit if exposed to a high temperature or an electric current. The currying of such items should be done only by professional movers.

Perishable items such as foods and plants should not be carried while moving. This is because they can spoil on the road and can become toxic if consumed and also have a bad odor. The refrigerators and freezers should be emptied to prevent the food from growing molds which can be difficult to clean.

Other items not to pack include the articles that are not permitted to be moved by the authority. Items which are banned from transportation such as large sums of cash and certain illegal animal parts such as raw meat and fur should not be included while moving since they require a special permit from the authority.

Delicate items such as TV sets, dryers, freezers and gas cookers should also not be moved without the use of a professional mover. It is important to get the permit of these items before moving them so as to guarantee their safety. Moving of these items should also be insured against damage or loss since they are prone to damages during the relocation.
Other items not to pack include valuable goods such as jewels, legal documents and currency. Personal attention should be accorded to such items due to the nature of their sensitivity. The valuable jewels as well as currency where possible should be insured so as to guard them against the possibility of loss due to theft while moving.

Mirrors and lump shades should also not be packed since they are easily broken while moving. Professional moving companies should be used for the transportation of these items since they are in a position to determine the kind of care that they need and also the parking materials that they should be wrapped in.

While moving, other items not to pack include cosmetic products such as perfume bottles, nail polish and paraffin. This is due to the fact that these products are highly flammable when exposed to heat. There is also the possibility of children getting hold of these items while moving which can be very dangerous to them. Medicine should also not be packed since they can also land in the hands of children.

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